Tips on Making Beautiful Backdrops For All Events

A backdrop is really a painted curtain that hangs in the back of the stage to point scenery. Backdrops are an important part of decorating a period for an expert setup. Perhaps the most typical usage of a backdrop is in photographic studios and movie theaters. Photographers and movie directors use backdrops to convert their studios or sets into an ideal image of a location or place. Theater Backdrops and Movie Backdrops are pieces of cloth that fully or partially cover a stage. They can be found in many different colors, types, and sizes.

Backdrops technology has come a lengthy way. There is a great variety of materials that can be used to make a backdrop. Backdrops can be used to depict backgrounds as sophisticated as flying in the area or owning a sprint in front of a packed stadium. Can backdrops be created for any occasion? Well, a backdrop is restricted to the imagination of the consumer or the graphic designer. Because of the advance of computer imaging technology, graphic designers is now able to create any kind of backdrop printing with the help of graphic design software such as Photoshop or Gimp.

The creation of a backdrop involves three steps. The first faltering step is to find out the kind of scenery or image that really needs to be created or portrayed in the background of a period or studio. When the image or scenery is finalized, the next step is to begin creating the style using computer based graphic design software. After the style is done and finalized, then comes the role of a backdrop artist. Ahead of the artist paints the actual backdrop image, she must “size” the fabric – a process which seals the fibers. (A translucency requires starching rather than sizing.) For an average opaque drop there are many choices for sizing – many scene shops use flame retardant. Then using airbrush, the Artist paints the backdrop completing the process.

When the backdrop is finished, it may be staged using long poles and frames to ensure the whole stage is included in the backdrops. A professionally installed backdrop will generate a magnificent illusion generating stunningly realistic and beautiful sceneries and images. So the next time you look at a backdrop, remember simply how much work goes into it and appreciate the artistic talent behind creating the backdrop.

Although backdrops may be made out of several types of material and fabric, many states require the backdrops to be fire retardant for safety reasons. It is also important to know the difference between cheap low quality non fire retardant and high quality painted by hand backdrops. There are hundreds to website selling cheap low quality backdrops on the internet.

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